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Dari Rulai Temple

Spiritual-Healing, Meditation and Prayer Services

Ancient Esoteric Teachings as Transmitted by Living Buddha and Lineage Holder,
MahaVairocana Dharma King, Dechan Jueren

2016 Upcoming Workshops

Medicine Buddha Dharma

Medicine Buddha Dharma

May 29, 2016
Yellow Jambhala

Yellow Jambhala & Ask For Wealth

Black Furious Manjusri Bodyguardian

Black Furious Manjusri Bodyguardian

April 30, 2016
Prajna Akasagarbha

Prajna Akasagarbha

May 7, 2016
Hanmi Spiritual-Healing

Hanmi Spiritual-Healing

To Be Determined

Location: Dari Rulai Temple All Workshops are open to the public. Prerequisite may be required.

Free Community Services

Dari Rulai Temple offers community services as part of its centuries-old religious mission of spiritual upliftment, world-service and charitable activities. Our services are available to everyone, it is not necessary to have a particular religious affiliation.

Lunar Prayer List

Add a name to the list! Join us on every Full Moon and New Moon for the Lunar Prayer Service for the benefit of All Sentient Beings.

Spiritual-Healing Service

Experience a free spiritual-healing 5 days a week. This type of healing works on a prayer, non-physical level. Stop by!

Meditation Instruction

Short, easy…yet powerful dharma practices to keep you energized, focused, and calm. After the spiritual-healing service.
FREE Spiritual-Healing Service Hours: W-TH-F @ 6pm, Sat + Sun @ 10am. Long Beach, CA.

Hanmi Dharma Rites

Dari Rulai Temple’s Dharma Rites are prayer ceremonies where a group of esoteric practitioners gather to chant together for a common goal; their efforts can help overcome an obstacle with relative ease. We offer many types of Dharma Rites, they have been proven to be one of the greatest services Dari Rulai Temple has to offer. more
Birthday Dharma Rite

Celebrate your Birthday,
Marriage or Anniversary with us!

Receive a powerful blessing to help you attract health, wealth, happiness and good fortune. There is no need to attend in person, but if you do so, invite your loved ones to join the celebration!



Photo Blessing

If you or your loved one need help to overcome a minor obstacle, a photo blessing is ideal.
In addition, local home or business blessings are also available.

Safety, Wellness & Longevity

Have your photo placed on the Medicine Buddha altar to pray for health, longevity, and to extinguish disaster.

Wealth & Prosperity

Have your photo placed on the wealth altar to pray for prosperity and good luck.

Guru Blessing

Have your photo placed on the altar dedicated to our Guru, Living Buddha Dechan Jueren.

Ancient Meditation Practices

Hanmi Dharma Teachings

The awakened masters have preserved this knowledge through an unbroken lineage in the Hanmi Esoteric School of Buddhism. The Great Enlightener, MahaVairocana Dharma King Dechan Jueren, the 49th Great Acharya and lineage bearer has brought these teachings to the west and made them accessible to the public when founding Dari Rulai Temple.

Ancient Healing Techniques as Taught
by Living Buddha Dechan Jueren


Hanmi Spiritual-Healing Workshop

Become certified as a practitioner of Hanmi Buddhist-Spiritual-Healing!

To be able to help heal and alleviate others of their illness and disasters,
you must have a strong body and mental toughness, unaffected by obstacles or the conditions of the environment.
Only then will you have the energy and strength to free others from their suffering.
—Living Buddha Dechan Jueren

DISCIPLESHIP INITIATION…taking refuge into the Hanmi linage!

DISCIPLESHIP INITIATION…taking refuge into the Hanmi linage!

PILGRIMAGE…sacred journeys to ancient China and India.

PILGRIMAGE…sacred journeys to ancient China and India.

FREE Spiritual-Healing Service Hours: W-TH-F @ 6pm, Sat + Sun @ 10am. Long Beach, CA.

Your generous donations allow us to continue to offer a variety of spiritual services to the worldwide community.



Request a Dharma Rite

Prayer List
FREE Lunar Prayer Service for
the benefit of All Sentient Beings

About Hanmi Dharma Rites
Why Do People Request Dharma Rites?

Available Dharma Rites
Birthday, Marriage or Anniversary
Luck Change
Assist the Deceased
Assist the Deceased (unborn child)
Assist the Deceased (suicide)
Extinguished Disaster
Seek Marriage
Seek Offspring
Un-do Jinx/Hex


Chinese New Year Ceremony
Observing The Lunar New Year
Ancestral Homage Dharma Rites
Observing Ghost Month
Honoring the Gurus Dharma Rites
Scheduled throughout the year

Listen from anywhere!
Call-in during the scheduled time
+1 (712) 432-3066 code: 409847
Listen Live!

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Request a workshop near you!

Hanmi Spiritual-Healing
Certification Workshop

About Hanmi Dharma Workshops
Why Sign Up for a Hanmi Workshop?

Four Foundation Meditations
Dharma Workshop

Prajña Akasagarbha Wealth
Dharma Workshop

Abhisheka-Empowered Workshop
Medicine Buddha Dharma
Extinguished Disaster and
Prolonging Life

Abhisheka-Empowered Workshop
Yellow Jambhala Wealth &
Prosperity Dharma

Lord of Abundance and

Abhisheka-Empowered Workshop
Black Manjusri Dharma
Spiritual Protection and
Extinguishing Disaster

Abhisheka-Empowered Workshop
Giving Food to
100,000 Ghosts Dharma


FREE Dharma Practices
After the Spiritual-Healing Service

About Hanmi Dharma Teachings
The Three Mysteries

Foundation Meditation
Dharma Teachings

Advanced Dharma Teachings
Medicine Buddha Dharma
Yellow Jambhala Dharma
Black Manjusri Dharma
Giving Food to 100,000 Ghosts Dharma

Taking Refuge into the Hanmi Linage:
Discipleship Dharma Practices

Hanmi Dharma Teachings
Partial Listing

Sacred Journeys to
Ancient China & India

For Safe & Wellness
For Wealth & Prosperity
Guru Blessing: Master Yu

Read Master Yu’s transcripts on:
Assisting the Deceased
Luck Changing