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Medicine Buddha Prayer

A 30-day Daily Chanting for the Benefit of All Sentient Beings

A 30-Day Daily Prayer Ritual

Everyday from Friday, March 20th through Sunday, April 19th, 2020

Medicine Master Lapis Lazuli Light King Buddha. The sanskrit name of the Medicine Buddha is Bhaisajyaraja. The Chinese call him Yao Shi Fo, the Tibetans Sangye Menla, and the Japanese Yakushi. He is a great Master who made many vows to alleviate the suffering of all beings.

Chant along with us,  Medicine Buddha Mantra

Learn more about Dari Rulai Temple Advanced Abhisheka-Empowered Medicine Buddha Dharma Workshop for Extinguishing Disaster & Prolonging Life.

To inquire about the Medicine Buddha Dharma teachings, a daily meditation practice for spiritual protection and to pray for freedom from illness, contact Abbot Dan.

Live broadcast starts on
Friday, March 20, 2020 at 11:00AM PT

Dharma Rites Times:
Monday thru Friday at 11 AM (PT)


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Have the name(s) of yourself, family, friends and loved ones placed on temple altar to benefit from one-month daily chanting of the Medicine Buddha Mantra for prevention of illness and disease.

The Medicine Buddha 30-Day Prayer has ended.

Please submit your offering for the total amount.
After you’ve finished placing your request.

Medicine Buddha Mantra
Aum Namo Bangawadeh, Bei Cha Zye,
Guru Bei Yoya, Buro Ba Rajaya Tathagataya Ahadeh,
Samyasum Buddhaya, Dayata Aum.
Bei Cha Zye, Bei Cha Zye, Maha Bei Cha Zye,
Roja, Samugadeh. Soha.