Prayer List

A Prayer Service for the Benefit of All Sentient Beings

We at Dari Rulai Temple aspire to follow the example of the great Masters and Gurus of this and other eminent traditions who are able to truly and joyfully bear the suffering of others, expecting nothing in return. The Lunar Prayer Service or Lunar Dharma Rite is another opportunity to renew our commitment of selfless service to all sentient beings.

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Two Prayer Lists to choose from…

New Moon Prayer for the living

If you, or a loved one, need a change of luck or fortune, sign up for this Dharma Rite by adding your name to the prayer list and join us during the chanting to receive the help and blessings.

Luck Change Dharma Rite or
Fortune, Longevity, and Wisdom Dharma Rite
Duration: 45 minutes on every New Moon.
Read Master Yu’s Transcripts

Full Moon Prayer for the deceased

Experience the benefit of praying for your ancestors and loved ones who have passed away. Temple practitioners will chant Buddhist mantras for your predecessors and for All Sentient Beings.

Assist the Deceased Dharma Rite
Duration: 45 minutes on every Full Moon.
Read Master Yu’s Transcripts

OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. visit us  or listen live!

visit us  or listen live!

Requesting a Prayer

If you would like us to pray for you, a friend, or a loved one, just add the name to the appropriate prayer list, and we will pray for them for 30 days, beginning with the next lunar dharma rite. Each list renews after each prayer service, the submission is good only for the upcoming service. There is no limit of requests.

New Moon Prayer Request for the Living

New Moon Request
You will be sent an Opt-In request.

This prayer request is for...

This information will be kept confidential
This information will be kept confidential
Enter the name as how it will appear on the list.

New Moon Prayer for…

Jill    UK
Colin    UK
Sandra    Poland
Thelma    UK
Dave    UK
Pete    UK
Denise    UK
Dawid    Poland
Jonners    UK
Sarah    UK
Tone    UK
Janey    UK
Neil    UK
Matt    UK
Sarah    UK
Dorota    Poland
Johnny    UK
Auntie Ann    UK
Dan    UK
Christine    UK
Ty    UK
Leah    USA
Emma    UK
Magda    Poland
Kit    Malaysia
Falke    Denmark
Paul    UK
Magdalena    Poland
Piotr Wiktor    Poland
Majka    Poland
Keith    UK
Devon    UK
Paul    USA
Karri Ann    USA
David Charles    USA
John Yochanan    USA
Jeanne Marie    USA
Andrew    USA
Kimberly Renee    USA
Jyoti (Guddy)    Nepal
Helen    USA
Steve    USA
Jack    UK
Ian    UK
Jane    UK
Amina    Algeria
Meriem    Algeria
reda    Algeria
wassila    Algeria
nadia    Algeria
fatiha    Algeria
karim    Algeria
Sarah    UK
Wojtek    Poland
Mum Barbara    Poland
Milena    Poland
Suttzy    UK
Josh    USA
Jade    USA
Aidan    USA
Chad    USA
Luke    USA
Christina    USA
Tim    USA
Peggy    USA
Brett    USA
Christian    UK
Mason    UK
demiao    UK
Benny    UK
Sarah    UK
Steve    UK
Stuart    UK
Eilis    USA
Shina    Singapore
Anthony    Singapore
Michael    Singapore
Kwee choon    Singapore
Helen    Singapore
Hannah    Ireland
Marky    USA
Khoo    Malaysia
jeannie    USA
Almida    USA
Megan    USA
Chris    USA
Angelena    USA
Diane    USA
Yvonne    USA
Amy    USA
Ted    USA
Bill    USA
Brenny    USA
Curtie    USA
Doc B    USA
Doc C    USA
Auntie Bec    USA
Uncle Gar    USA
Trendy    USA
Sparkle    USA
Doc J    USA
Beer Baron    USA
Auntie E    USA
H20    USA
Bre    USA
Doc    USA
Wingy    USA
Natalija    Belarus
Julka    Belarus
Henryk    Poland
Dorje4    Greece
Dorje3    Greece
Dorje2    Greece
Dorje1    Greece
Jeanne    USA
John Yochanan    USA
Andrew    USA
Kimberly    USA
Cody    USA
Ali G    USA
Janet    UK
Sharon    USA
Baby    USA
Blake    USA
Jazmine    USA
Aurora    USA
James    USA
Sandra    USA
Katherine    USA
Amy    USA
Tyler    USA
Reya    USA
Marissa    USA
Jenifer    USA
Joy    USA
Balin    USA
Erika    USA
Donna    USA
Stacy    USA
Kristina    USA
Julie    USA
Carol    USA
Silvana    USA
Grace    USA
Magdelena    Chile
Tennee    USA
David    USA
Bert    USA
Hunter    USA
Kayla    USA
Paul    UK
Becky    USA
PLEASE NOTE: We do NOT sell, share or distribute your information to anyone else. We use the names and birth dates for astrological purposes when we pray for you; your email is for communication purposes and, to send announcements of upcoming events that may be of interest to you. If this is the first time submitting your email address, you will be able to update your preferences once you receive the opt-in confirmation email.

Full Moon Prayer Request for the Deceased

Full Moon Request
You will be sent an Opt-In request.

This prayer request is for...

This information will be kept confidential
This information will be kept confidential
Approximate OK
Enter the name as how it will appear on the list.

Full Moon Prayer for…

Tang      Malaysia     
Family tree      Nepal     
oum el kheir      Algeria     
lakhdar      Algeria     
meriem      Algeria     
rachid      Algeria     
Janie      UK     
Jim      USA     
Jelly      UK     
Grandpa Lee      China     
Richard      Singapore     
Mrs. Liu      USA     
Frederick      USA     
Freddie      USA     
Hazel      USA     
Mrs. Lieu      USA     
Mr. Lieu      USA     
Wanda      USA     
George      USA     
Josephine      UK     
Rosemary      UK     
Antonina      Poland     
Will      UK     
Bill      UK     
Nellie      Ireland     
Dave Brown      UK     
Cousin Gerald      UK     
Lotus3      Greece     
Lotus2      Greece     
Lotus1      Greece     
bob      Mexico     
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