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Photo Blessing

If you or your loved one need help to overcome a minor obstacle, a photo blessing is ideal.

Safety, Wellness & Longevity

Have your photo placed on the Medicine Buddha altar to pray for health, longevity, and to extinguish disaster.

Wealth & Prosperity

Have your photo placed on the wealth altar to pray for prosperity and good luck.

Guru Blessing

Have your photo placed on the altar dedicated to Living Buddha Dechan Jueren.

Why do we require an offering?

While our prayer list is free, our photo blessings require monetary offerings.  Why?  Offerings create a connection or a basis for cause and effect. By donating to a temple, you get to share in the merit created by helping all the people who benefit. This merit can help you with your spiritual healing, prosperity, overcoming karmic obstacles, and to generate wisdom.

Photo Blessing Request

Starting at just one dollar a day!

This form is currently closed for submissions. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Please submit your offering for the total amount.
After you’ve finished placing your request.

PLEASE NOTE: We do NOT sell, share or distribute your information to anyone else. We use the names and birth dates for astrological purposes when we pray for you; your email is for communication purposes and, to send announcements of upcoming events that may be of interest to you. If this is the first time submitting your email address, you will be able to update your preferences once you receive the opt-in confirmation email.