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Dari Rulai Temple\’s Mission

Know Yourself. Change Yourself. Conquer Yourself.

The Los Angeles Dari Rulai Temple was founded in 1998 by Living Buddha Dechan Jueren. Dari Rulai Temple offers spiritual-healing service as a part of its centuries-old religious mission of spiritual upliftment, world service and charitable activities. Our mission is to spread the Hanmi Esoteric Buddhist teachings to the worldwide community. Dari Rulai Temple spiritual services are available to everyone regardless of faith or creed.
Our Guru and Teachings
At the Dari Rulai Temple we practice and teach Hanmi Esoteric Buddhism, the complete teachings of the Mahavairocana Buddha passed down by Vajrasattva and Nagarjuna to Subhakarasimha, Vajrabodhi, and Amoghavajra. Living Buddha Dechan Jueren is the 49th Great Acharya and lineage holder of the Hanmi Chinese Esoteric School of Buddhism.
Dari Rulai Temple’s Guru
MahaVairocana Dharma King
Living Buddha Dechan Jueren
(Master Yu)
Discipleship Initiation…taking refuge into the Hanmi linage!
Dari Rulai Temple also offers Discipleship Initiation into the Hanmi Lineage to those who are sincerely interested. Becoming a Hanmi disciple does not require renunciation of everyday life but instead, will incorporate these ancient Buddhist teachings into a daily meditation practice for self-spiritual growth, spiritual healing and to attain wisdom. contact us.
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