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Wealth & Prosperity Blessings Registration

Wealth Registration
Include country code, if outside US

The Wealth & Prosperity Blessing Request is for...

Please provide the full name and at least one of the following: Chinese Zodiac Sign, Date of Birth or Year of Birth.
This information is required and is used for astrological purposes when conducting the ceremony.
Complete first, middle and last name(s)
Business starting date
or business starting year
Request it prior the next Full Moon.
Next scheduled Dharma practice begins April 12, 2024.
It includes your name on the Wealth prayer list for six months.
Next scheduled Dharma practice will be Fall, 2024.
It includes your name on the Wealth prayer list for six months.
Request it at any time.
It also includes your name on the wealth prayer list for 365 days (starting at any time).
Please include the registration number when sending your offering.
PLEASE NOTE: We do NOT sell, share or distribute your information to anyone else. We use the names and birth dates for astrological purposes when we pray for you; your email is for communication purposes and, to send announcements of upcoming events that may be of interest to you. If this is the first time submitting your email address, you will be able to update your preferences once you receive the opt-in confirmation email.

Please submit your offering for the total amount.
After you’ve finished placing your request.